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Originally Posted by justavisitor View Post
What I try to say is, I only treat the TV series as the canon and I don't care a thing about the novel
Well the thing is that in Macross sometimes we get canon information that never appeared in the series/ovas/movies.

For example we never saw Hikaru and Misa getting Married and having their daughter Miku, we got the information from printed material and it's canon, so having a position where you consider canon only what you see in anime is not really appropiate in this situation.

I don't know if the light-novels are taken as canon but i remember that karice67 posted something like that you can take the novels as another version of the same story, i'm not sure.

Originally Posted by KaoruLia
... And I recently thought that Alto/Ranka and Alto/Sheryl fans have finally learned to get along in ASuki :/
Yeah that was a truce they had when there were no new material or information , but now it appears that war will start again.
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