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While I am the biggest moe-nut I know, this direction for Kaori's character may not be the best idea:

Making her vulnerable, indecisive and "cute" has the same effect of what happened when the same was applied to Kanu Unchou of the Ikkitousen franchise:

Damage of character integrity.

Both warrior women are defined by the fact that they are (legally) adults who are the sole voice of reason, maturity and dignity amongst the women of the cast.

For crying out loud, we are already more than satisfied with a cast of adorable 14 to 16 year old Tsunderes, nuns, busty glasses clad shy cuties, mikos and psycho twin tailed lesbians. Yay, I'm taking Kuroko-chan AND Index-chan home with me!!

There is NO need to lower a dignified and honorable Lady Warrior, a noble Dragon Amongst Men, to the level of a helpless and vulnerable child to further pander to the indiscriminant need for cuteness.
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