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I suppose it's both? They want to get rid of this heretic book, but they cannot risk someone gaining it's power.

Look at it this way, even if Orsula doesn't intend to use the Book of the Law, what happens if someone were to kidnap her and coerce her into revealing it? The Book is nothing without a decoder, and since you can't destroy the book, you kill the decoder.

You know, they never did explain why the Book is considered so dangerous, aside from the whole 'end the age of Christianity' thingy. It was said that the original author of the Book of the Law, 'Edward Alexander', was able to summon an 'Angel'.

Angels in Toaruverse are beings that beyond powerful, they have spells that can affect the planet on a global scale as well as control other celestial bodies like the Sun and stars.

I don't recall all the details, but I do remember that they had replicas of the Book for display purposes. She might not need the entire book, just a few pages to study the code.

Or maybe she had access to the real Book, but nobody thought she could actual do it?
Yeah, I got that much. A lot like how in war, they have a soldier escort radiomen who know military codes. "Don't let it fall into enemy hands," and all that. It makes sense, but I'm still sad that, once again, the Roman Catholics are the "conniving bad guys" in this arc. Touma declaring that there's "no rule saying they have to be the enemy next time" made me happy, though.

By the way, why was it that Kanzaki was just an observer? I couldn't really understand her role in this arc. I mean, I got that the Amakusa are trying to make up for apparently getting slaughtered in previous battles and want to follow "a righteous path" because Kanzaki felt guilty for their deaths, but really, I didn't get why Kanzaki was there at all. Her role seems kind of forced and contrived in this arc. I'd rewatch it, but the parts where she's on screen seemed mostly throw-away.
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