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Close enough. Envy is when one has a negative feeling directed at a person due to a perceived disadvantaged position.
True but I still feel it's something that should be made distinct.

Envy includes negative feelings but it's defined by the want of something that your neighbor has; the so-called deadly sin of envy includes coveting.

Jealousy is relational and occurs when attention is given to another. It almost always includes envy of the attention but it can occur outside of envy if the jealous one simply feels too much attention is being given in a non-comparative manner (as an example. So jealousy is often coincidental with envy but it isn't necessary that there's envy for there to be jealousy.

I feel that Diana is envious of Vulcan's regained powers while Haqua (and Tenri too if she admitted it) would be jealous that Keima gave "special love" to Tsukiyo.
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