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Originally Posted by Tom Bombadil View Post
I agree with you except on one thing: that "burning the koran" is non-violent. That's actually what the pastor wants you to think. Sure the action in itself is, just like pulling a trigger is non-violent until the gun powder explodes. I remember the guy had threatened to burn the koran before, and some official with very high position (Gates?) called him and said this is bad: it would put a lot of people in the mideast in danger. So the pastor is fully aware that there is a predetermined mechanism in place with foreseeable consequence: just like pulling a trigger, and that's what happened.
I don't need the bloody pastor to know burning an inanimate object that one purchased is a non-violent expression of opinion. I'm not even a Christian. I burned some Tim Robbins books recently because they were worthless to the book reseller. Should I fear the author's fans?

The pastor is a zealot, the mob members are zealots... but there's simple insanity and then there's criminal insanity. *Any* person that has such a deep insecurity or fragility about their belief system is a danger to others.
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