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Originally Posted by Vexx View Post
I don't need the bloody pastor to know burning an inanimate object that one purchased is a non-violent expression of opinion. I'm not even a Christian. I burned some Tim Robbins books recently because they were worthless to the book reseller. Should I fear the author's fans?

The pastor is a zealot, the mob members are zealots... but there's simple insanity and then there's criminal insanity. *Any* person that has such a deep insecurity or fragility about their belief system is a danger to others.
Vexx, you are reading it wrong. The koran burning is pure marketing move. The guy was a pastor of small and shrinking congregation in Florida, now he is the Past or a huge Congregation that is growing and the contribution is now in the millions. With one stroke and at little cost to himself, he just made himself a millionaire.
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