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Originally Posted by Lucy_Nyuu View Post
im using at least two layers:

one with the fade in/outs but without the syl (opacity) and one without the rest, so that the effect really only applys to the syl. (there is probably a better way that i dont know, whatever - it works)

animate the effect like any textanimator/transform (keyframes and so on), and add the following to your xml-thing:

<property name="effect.effectname" syl="syl" /> <- or without the 'syl="syl"' if its for the fade/line stuff.


<property name="effect" syl="syl" /> <- if you want to use every effect in the layer.

dont know if thats the way it should be done, but it works.
That is perfect! Thats normally how I do it as well

Originally Posted by Lucy_Nyuu View Post

thanks for the tutorials(ive read the whole thread searching for your videos, and finally found them on the last page ).

are there more tutorials coming?

the first three are awesome and id really like to see how youre doing your karaoke (the world destruction op, asura cryin 2 ed, or a tale of melodies ep6 ed for example).
I'm sure eventually I'll make some more tutorials...The World Destruction OP was not made with pichus script but its super easy and fun to make so Ill probably do that one. Send me a PM on IRC (my nick is crash)
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