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Originally Posted by Lucy_Nyuu View Post
i just watched your third tutorial again some days ago, and im wondering what hapened to those tuts youve mentioned at the end, especially the... how did you call it? "silly and way over the top fire karaoke"?
Well the fire karaoke has been put on hold for now :/ When school started I pretty much put all fansubbing projects on hold so I could concentrate. That and I recently started a rather extensive AFX project so that takes most of my free time. Really finishing the fire karaoke would not take much more time, since I have the effect layed out, the only thing left to do now is set it up for karaoke generation. If you want to see a screen cap of the effect so far then here :P
Spoiler for Fire:

Of course there is much more when it is animated, each syllable ignites then slowly burns off. As it burns it leaves an ash remnant of the syllable and once the whole line is finished, the ash blows away. Its rather entertaining and getting the whole thing to be generated with a script was interesting, but it does work!

About the tutorial describing how to make it, I'm slightly concerned that the tutorial would be horribly long, its a rather in depth process and I tend to ramble while making tutorials which only serves to make them longer :P Once summer break rolls around who knows. I will most likely have lots of free time and finishing that karaoke is definitely on my list, just not at the top.
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