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Originally Posted by winkel View Post
And the problem there is?

Do you know why teen models do idol gravure stunts in Japan? It's so they can get widespread recognition and hit it big. There's nothing inherently sleazy about the process.

Perhaps Ayase's dream is to become a celebrity when she grows up, perhaps she just wants to cash in on her good looks for the time being, what is so wrong with that? It's probably what any semi-hot looking female would want to do.
You misunderstood. There's nothing at all sleazy about it, and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it, her work as gravure model is perfectly fine.

It's just that since she's working as a gavure model which is at least somewhat erotic, she ought to have an understanding for other forms of erotic entertainment.
Being actively involved in the creation of mildly erotic material on the one hand side, but condemning other erotic material on the other hand side, makes her quite an hypocrite.

Originally Posted by ID555 View Post
^ She said it herself at the beginning of the episode - that she had gravure work.

I assume not all gravure work involves bikinis... at least for a 14 year old. Is there a distinction from her normal modeling work, or is that what she calls it?
Ordinary modeling work (which is what Kirino does) and gravure photo shooting are definitely *very* different things. Gravure generally does involve bikinis, or other revealing clothing, even at her age, plus revealing and exciting poses.

Originally Posted by Andrelol View Post
Too bad to see that Ayase turned out to be an annoying character... I'm starting to like Kirino more.
Same here. At the end of last episode, I thought, "Hey, she looks nice... I wonder how she'll be?"
So sad that she turned out to be so annoying
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