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Amagami SS Favourite Main Arc/Heroine Poll Thread

We'd need two polls. One is "which girl do you like best" and one is "which arc do you like best".

About "Which girl did you like best", it would be

1. Tsukasa (most intriguing character)
2. Ai (great stable and playful character)
3. Kaoru (hard not to like her)
4. Haruka (being with her would drive me nuts)
5. Rihoko (simple yet true)
6. Sae (googly-eyed senpai adoration is not my favorite theme)

About "Which arc did you like the best", my ranking would be

1. Tsukasa (by a wide, wide margin)
2. Haruka (quite entertaining and unusual)
3. Ai (slightly disappointing and bland imho)
4. Sae (executed well, even though I didn't like her much)
5. Kaoru (very bland, could have been much better)
6. Rihoko (poor girl got cruelly friendzoned)
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