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ARC Ranking

1) Tsukasa [ BY FARRRRR FAAR , literally my focus was always on her ]
2) Kaoru = Haruka [ both arcs I enjoyed equally cause of what Jun goes through to get them ]
4) Rihoko [ I found her POV very very sweet regardless not the best ending everyone wanted , I still am glad though that Junichi did commit to the tea club and I have hopes through that they could bloom afterwoulds ]
5) Sae [ the only thing I can happily remember about this arc was a Moe bullet piercing my heart during her last episode ]
6) Ai [ Her Arc was interesting but the fact she resembles my Ex personality wise , shxts me ]

Girl Ranking
1) Tsukasa [ I would say she's like that library girl you have a crush on , only you find her wild side when you get extremely close, that Angelic exterior of hers lures you in pretty good ]
2) Kaoru [ the bro of em all plus with Sex hair? awesome mix ]
3) Haruka [ I have a thing for older girls but something else about Haruka irks me ]
4) Rihoko [ klutzy and adorable but nothing right up my alley ]
5) Sae [ only cause of her assets ]
6) Ai [ if I didn't have an ex like her she may have been ranked higher, no im not dwelling in the past , more her personality shxts me ]
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