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Originally Posted by Shiroth View Post
Not really. Miya isn't a heroine but a side character. Risa is a heroine and belongs in this poll.
This is why I called it a "Main Arc/Heroine" poll -- it's a rating of the 6 main arcs and 6 main heroines as presented in the anime. That doesn't mean she is or isn't a heroine, but isn't within the scope of this particular thread.

Originally Posted by Kusa-San View Post
Bleh, why just only one vote for these two categories ? Why can't we have the same kind of poll than other forums. Can't we have a poll just for Amagami's character (and not only heroines) with multiple choice please ?
We can still do that if you want, though I would at least wait until next week's episode so that Risa can be explored (since we don't know anything about her yet). Like I said, this is a thread about the 6 main arcs/heroines only. We could still do a thread will all characters in the traditional style later. Nothing wrong with trying something a little different every once in a while...
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