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Originally Posted by Hari Michiru View Post
I hope this won't set China back too bad, or we're back to square one with the Cultural Revolution. And that's not a good thing...
Well, you must have seen some fenqing, who make up a large percentage of the college students, which is worse than bad....

Things they do:

1. Going totally berserk when some one admits he or she doesn't agree with some of the PRC policies.

2. Calling on boycotts on Western products, which pretty much destroy the economic structure.

3. Bullying fellow Chinese citizens that expressed strong disapproval against extreme opinions and acts, and making their lives a living hell.

4. Making up fake coverages about Anti-China acts, and driving public rage towards some nations.

5. Over-enhancing the value of patriotism, making it the one and only criterion.

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