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Originally Posted by hyl View Post
Spoiler for Isara:
Spoiler for comment:

Originally Posted by hyl View Post
The anime has completely skipped the personal inspection of the clubs, because it immediately went for the disbandng of clubs and budget cuts.
The inspection scene was not really important to the story anyways. Therefore, it was fine that they chose to omit it. However I do hope they include Satsuki's future visits which are important character developments for her.

Spoiler for about Satsuki's route:

Originally Posted by hyl View Post
It never mattered that they were called "Saru" or not, because it was never actually used in the VN in a way that would effect the plot. So i don't mind that the anime has entirely skipped on calling them monkeys before
While that is true, it really helps in understanding what kind of personalities those two have. Although the jumping over the table in episode 4 explained that pretty darn well visually.

Originally Posted by lolmeh View Post
i started watching the anime, and it peaked my interest.
It seems each girl has their own plot, but since i cant read japanese or be patient with the anime, Can someone summarize each route for each heroines?
I COULD summarize Isara's route for you but I'm not sure how much I could say here. But what I can do is repeat what others have said/hinted into my own words to make it easier to see. I'm going to leave out the ending btw. I personally find that would be telling too much.

Spoiler for a little bit about Isara's route:

Spoiler for a little bit about Satsuki's route:

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