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What I am trying to say is that heroes in the classic sense, which Perseus belong to, does not necessarily mean doing something honourable and saving the weak. They could be worshiped as heroes just because they did something that normal people wouldn't be able to do. A fair amount of Greek 'heroes' were quite lacking in terms of moral--especially the ones who participated in the Trojan Wars. Rape was as common as eating to them.Not related to the Trojan war, but one of the most notable rapist heroes would be Theseus. Not only did he abduct and force Hippolyta the Amazonian Queen to marry him, he later even abducts Helen of Troy. There'd be no way a goddess would marry a man who had defeated her and stole her powers out of her own volition. Coercion and force must have been used to 'persuade' her into marrying or have sex with him. Hence, Perseus is a rapist.Frankly, Perseus is one of the gods in this series who disgusts me.
Perhaps you should put that novel of a post into the translation notes on volume 4 so we are all clear that Perseus is a rapist.
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