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*Sigh* every Campione so far is human of origin. No matter how much human blood is in a Demi God, he is still a being beyond Human. All Gods are originally Myths and thus their being is the myth themselves. The Myths themselves don't need to make sense, if there are many who believe in them then the Myth manifest into beings called Gods.
...That doesn't really answer my question on where it was said you have to be completely human to become a Campione. Wouldn't that mean that people like Yuri and Ena, the Hime-Miko's, who are strongly suggested(stated?) to be descendants of Divine Ancestors, be incapable of becoming a Campione? Or is the blood too diluted?

And where did that last part come from? I was talking about Perseus, the hypothetical historcal figure, and wondering if he truly was a Demi-god, or if the stories made him one.

Campiones do derive their powers from the Gods they've killed, and are the adopted children of Pandora, so you could easily consider them a type of Demi-god. In which case, the story could have changed so Zeus became his father. Hell, look at it the right way, and the God a Campione first kills could be considered a "parent".

In fact, I would not be surprised if multiple mythological/legendary heroes were actually Campione's.

Of course, this is all idle speculation on my part, based on a limited understanding on the translated books. Feel free to correct me on any points I make, but I do ask you provide evidence if your not speculating as well.
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