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Originally Posted by Reckoner View Post
It is as this show is created with the sole intention of being safe and family friendly. Almost like something you'd put on the disney channel, which I guess shouldn't be surprising considering some of the staff from K-ON is here.

And if people like that sort of stuff fine... But KyoAni already have proven to me they aren't even particularly good at that brand of entertainment.
Same for me really. "Family" entertainment would be something like Usagi Drop, or the noitamina days of old. I think that notion was already thrown out after the character designs and the various PVs (seriously, "derp" faces everywhere ), you know straight away this isn't going to be for an "everyday" audience despite what people say. Nothing wrong with aiming for a specific audience but don't go pretending something you aren't.

I'm still hoping it's more than typical Kyoani moe-moe gagcentric hijinks though, since once in a while Kyoani hits gold.
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