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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
Having a giant talking bird descend on your life is not exactly "usual"; it at least provides a different perspective on a life that might otherwise be ordinary. It stands to reason that this will be the catalyst for some rather unusual circumstances. That doesn't mean you will be interested, of course.
Having a cute little mascot is not exactly what I call a total game changer, though of course we still need to see the show to see what this anime is like and I can only make inferences.

My impression of the current marketing though is that they're aiming for a family friendly, safe show that is in the vein of something like K-ON! (At least this time without the false advertising) and from my experience this hasn't been their strong suit. Ghibi does a much better job at appealing to such demographics, and that is a very unhipster thing for me to say btw.
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