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Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
(There's something bizarrely "hipster" about this whole "eh, KyoAni? They could be cool, but their recent shows are pretty lame. Wake me up when they stop doing the popular stuff they're good at that sells and do something interesting." How did this become a thing? )
Oh, that is so 2008! Hipsters go after Shaft these days.

I kid. Though I think that concern was more valid back then than it is now. I hate annoying elitist yelp-style hipsters as much as the next person but Kyoani probably isn't the talk of the town to the degree they were back then with the driving force that was Haruhi.

Of course you may say that what AS or even the western fandom prioritizes isn't particularly relevant but it's definitely a natural reaction for a skeptic to the formerly rather aggressive fandom that proclaimed every Kyoani production to be the touch of Midas regardless of source quality. It still exists to some degree, and while there may be a hint of truth here and there, it's more than frustrating to want to talk about Little Busters and hearing people go RAWR NOT KYOANI.

Don't get me wrong. They've provided me with many hours of entertainment and put quite a bit of care into many of their works, but ultimately the distance between them and everyone else might not be as large as previously thought. Does it matter? No. Though it could be a bit disappointing and the show just doesn't look too interesting atm. But I like to be proven wrong when it comes to stuff like that
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