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Originally Posted by Pocari_Sweat View Post
Same for me really. "Family" entertainment would be something like Usagi Drop, or the noitamina days of old. I think that notion was already thrown out after the character designs and the various PVs (seriously, "derp" faces everywhere ), you know straight away this isn't going to be for an "everyday" audience despite what people say. Nothing wrong with aiming for a specific audience but don't go pretending something you aren't.
So by your statement where do you categorize Chibi Maruko-Chan/Doraemon, and other old art style shows?

I mean seriously... I consider them derp faces. Should I apply that same kind of logic here?

Also how many people said this was going to be for the "everyday" audience? This is a really shallow way of looking at it. Could be compared to as shallow as a drop of water.

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
(There's something bizarrely "hipster" about this whole "eh, KyoAni? They could be cool, but their recent shows are pretty lame. Wake me up when they stop doing the popular stuff they're good at that sells and do something interesting." How did this become a thing? )
Every new KyoAni show. Seriously I don't want this to go off topic so I'll just say it anyway


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