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I hate Stable Time Loops. I prefer "you change the past, you change the future" not "change the past and cause the future you know". That's why i like Back to The Future series since it sticks to the former rule. (Except Doctor Who since both rules apply in that universe).
There are flaws in both. If the changing the past affects the future, then there's no explanation for why the protagonist(s) are still intact with no changes to their history or personality.
In the "Stable Time Loop" case, you have a circular flow of causality. The future goes back to the past, which in turn affects the future and that makes them go back to the past. In this case, there is no clear beginning that sets these events into motion.

In both cases there are parts that require the suspension of disbelief, and without time travel being possible in the real world, it's hard to say which theory is closer to the truth than the others.
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