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Not really that much to say, except that it was... a really good anime.
For one thing, it was two cour. I think it has been a while since I have finished a 2-cour anime, simply because they seem to be so rare these days.

The story itself was also pretty stable, though it had a few slip-ups. But it is usually pretty good, so completely forgivable.

Characters... are... really colorful. But pretty much all of them are out of their minds, so I can't really say I liked any of them much. Stalker girl was kind of cute, though.
Also, overuse of cheat Shizuo to end everything.
Also, the existence of Shizuo's brother and the gas mask father was very... throw-away. They appear a couple of times, and you never see them again. They even appear in the ED, so I expected them to at least appear in the last episode, but no. Also, the police also felt like meaningless characters.

Nothing too good or too bad in the music department and animation department. Satisfactory, though.
The thing that left the most impact was the hilarious horror BGM that went CoffeeCoffeeCoffee.

So, 9/10. A few problems, but a great anime in general.

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