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Originally Posted by Azulay View Post

What do you mean "on the original script of episode 1 recently"?

Usually i don't like cold character, principally if it's a woman. But Yayoi has something that caught my attention. That cold blue eyes that can show pure emotions (in epi 8 when she comforts that girl there is a close in her eyes , really cute) even if she did not have much screen time we can see that she care about the other (when she comforts that girl and gave her keyboard to akane). She has a misterious breeze. Really waiting for her past.

That's a poll character. I'm sad about Yayoi and Shion _. But people likes Kagari more than Akane, hahaha.
What I'm talking about is something like this
As for the characters' poll (I can already see Robotics;Notes on the bottom), I think Akane has more votes than Kagari even though the yellow stickers aren't too visible to be clear.
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