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Spoiler for quote misaofan:

why do you think it would not be a lesbian? or else I can not understand the meaning of your sentence ^^"

said that in the original script for the first episode, Yayoi had asked Akane if she likes girls.
Why he did not keep this script?? It's a shame! Or it may be hoped that this issue will ask in future episodes? must admit that as Yayoi and Akane are rarely face to face to discuss

It's Fukami Makoto, he's famous as a yuri fan. He was the one who wanted to include Yayoi's line to Akane but Urobuchi said that was going too far.
Really ?? I do not understand but say do not do it, but the scene of episode 2 (Yayoi and Shion) or arc Ouryo Rikako then he accepts but a simple sentence he refuses?? Or he said that he made ​​for does not include Akane in "delirium" lesbian in the anime???

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