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Originally Posted by Azulay View Post
One thing that i don't understand in the japanese animation industry is that everything that involves yuri theme has to be between the lines, implicit. Yaoi has so much liberty in this point.

Well, found this character chart:


There's like a 5 year age gap between Shion and Yayoi,is not so much. It's sad to think that she undergo some pain experiences in such a critical age
I agree with you but after Psycho-Pass is not an anime "yuri" the yuri in this anime is secondary so it is not surprising that is is not very explicit.
but I think as I said it does not involve simply views the character Akane things in lesbians with Yayoi or Shion, but fortunately it on and let all things yuri with Yayoi and Shion I think it is very good

and you say that having lived for Yayoi something critical but it is nothing it looks Kagari said his Psycho-pass was found in 5 years so I can not imagine he has lived for PP dark age, but this can only be sustained if Yayoi to or seen a murder ...
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