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Originally Posted by Knight_SV View Post
i have bought the latest GOL tankoubon via ibooks from japanese itunes store. it seems Epyon additional weapon was specifically for blocking Wing Zero TBR. even the full output shoot cannot penetrate it defensor mode
Damn, too OP... So it can even block a shot which can destroy a colony with one blast... Still waiting for my v13 due to ordering the physical one.

Originally Posted by kyle1281989 View Post
It's a single sword for the T2 AFAIK. And yes he still has the Dobbergun in the picture. It sucks all excited for some Treize action and he only appear on the last page waiting just like on the cover.... lol.

The pace slowed down quite a bit in Vol13 with the final battle/starting. I'm guessing 2-3 more issues.

Upgrades in this issue are:

-The 2 Planet Defensor/Winglet-things for Epyon.
-A Space Backpack for Sandrock Kai (with the upper thruster like the TV design had.)
-A Space Backpack and rear skirt armor for Heavyarms Kai.
-Tallgeese 2's new sword.
-Noin appears to have a new gun that she dual wields in a her Sanq Kingdom Taurus.
-WZC's Shield and bird mode officially appear in the story.

Also Bandai has just announce a Master Grade Wing Zero Custom that has a special coating finish and includes the Drei Zwerg weapons. They also have the GFFMC Metal Composite Wing Zero Custom 2.0 that includes the weapon releasing later this year for around 30,000jpy.
I wanted to see more Treize in action lol.

So volume 14 may be the final volume after all.

Man, those illustrations look awesome. Love how the heat rod shield is placed on the lower back and he has those two defensor on his arm now. Make him look more demon-ish due to its tail.

....I am so going to go bankrupt due to W related stuff.
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