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What Anime Character(s) Do You Resemble?

Just wondering If anyone here resembles/looks like/acts like any anime Character(s) in real life??? And when I mean Looks like and acts like you don't do it purposley but it is who you are and that chacters acts just like you do. I checked to make sure there was not a thread already like this . . . . if there was I am sorry in advance . . . I searched and did not find one like this

Amazingly, no ironically, Gudnam Wing is my Favorite Anime more than likely becasue I resemble 3 of the characters in the series . . .

Duo - Whenever anything serious happens I am always cool with it and I don't get into a panic but instead just deal with it.

Heero Yuy - Before I even saw the series I was quiet like him . . I saw the series and I was like "he doesn't talk much or smile in public much . . . just like me"

Relena Peacecraft - no not her crazy side or total pacifism . . . her kind gentle side, I tend to forgive people when they do harm to me and I won't give up miy values so easily like she doesn't either.

so there is the low down on me and resemblances . . . I'm sure as I watch more Anime I will find better characters I can relate to even more but this is the closest for me . . .

So who do you resemble??? Also the character does not have to be one that you like either, just the closest resemblance to you.
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