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About, Saten, I said before. Considering all he did, I don't think he'll fight again. If he does, it will be to give the main cast some aid, and in the final battle I can see him aiding them once more and leaving the battlefield, and in turn abandon Arclight.

It's the main reason why I think he'll live to be in Needless 2. He's a mastermind, up until now, Arclight has been unaware of each one of his actions. Not only that, he's so sure of himself, the most misterious Needless villian. He's too interested in the Needless Hunt.

If Saten wanted he would have killed everyone long ago, but he won't.

All it's left is, why he does all that, why he helps the main cast, and specially, why Cruz is his experimental human body.

And with that said, next january 19 will be 6 years since Needless began serizalization

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