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Originally Posted by Vocah View Post
You don't have to take her being on the 57th floor too seriously. The floor seems to have good restaurants so it wouldn't be unlikely that lower level players would visit it to eat.
That is true if you assume that whatever means of going up you use always bring you to a safe zone first.
One of her former Guild mates was at the strategy meeting though so you can assume that she is not that far behind him.

Originally Posted by relentlessflame View Post
I think the thing that would have killed her wasn't the knife, but the fall from that height. The knife was just enough to throw her off-balance and cause her to fall out the window. (Of course, this is counting on the fact that she would fall backwards and not forwards, which is why her fall is still a bit weird.)

(The other thing about both this weapon and the other one is that they have those sort of red sparkles flying around them. Is that supposed to indicate that the weapon is enchanted somehow, or is that just supposed to be a sort of blood effect? I guess we'll see...)
It might be a skill or assassin faction that allows to kill players inside towns, Kririto wouldn't know about it since he doesn't appear to be the type for joining an assassin faction.

And yes the way she fell was pretty wierd - jsut so everyone could see her stabbed.
Anothe reason I think her death is fake.

Edit: another funny fact is, which might be just a drawing error though, that the rope the first guy was hung with was still taut after he died, so a stealth/fake death skill is a pretty good guess imho.
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