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Originally Posted by AC-Phoenix View Post
Where did I make up facts?
I merely brought up that she could have lied about her level, which, as Kirito has proven, is possible.
The fact that a duel is the only way to die inside a safe zone was btw stated by the charaters themselves so its not made up either, which is why falling damage couldn't have killed her unless she was currently in a duel.
And even if she really was in a duel - why would she turn around to fall out of the window and show everyone the dagger instead of falling backwards/forward.

if you are talking about what I said about the rope: It really was still taut - you can actually rewatch the episode and look at the scene where Asuna and kirito talk about the crime next to it.
You assumed that Yoruko was high level, used that as evidence for her death being suspicious, and when told that she probably wasn't high level based on her story declared her story to be a lie. Which means your original evidence of her death being suspicious was based on a fact you completely made up. Your reasoning for her lying is completely circular, since the idea of her lying was brought up afterwards to defend your theory. You modified the evidence the fit your theory, rather than basing your theory on the evidence.
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