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Originally Posted by Chosen_Hero View Post
What do you know, people were worrying over nothing.
Instead of putting a jab already, please note there are other things that are relevant for concern:

-You can use items while running
-You can change your equipment at the base in the middle of a quest

To me, those points are very dangerous because it just allow more cheese or yolo approach, depending if they actually improve the monsters AI radically or not.
Sure, there are some people who do no damage/naked runs, but the last thing I want is to be joined by a moron who indulge himself into bad play because he can keep potion chugging all the way.

OTOH, there are a lot of improvements that would help beginners and veterans such like visible damage (allowing to gauge properly gear progression instead of using the first trash boss to gauge the skill combination and whatnot) or drop in multiplayer being added to the regular party multiplayer mode.

There are also changes that might ramp the difficulty: the absence of zones mean you cannot get away from the monster if you need to sharpen your weapons or eat a steack. This will require extra tools/options to distract the mob in the middle of a fight or changes the aforementioned mechanics into something else.

That said, Sides is right about people's worries: the number of QoL and changes might be a bit detrimental if the hunter is "too flexible". In that sense, MH would lose its actual personality as of being a difficult game that punishes you if you don't do your homework properly. Hunting game is just a general genre that can be split into diverse categories like fighting games: just like how a air dasher is very different to a SF, the same can be said to MH compared to God Eater or Toukiden. So "being called monster HUNTER or having a HUNTER as a protagonist" is not even an argument at this point: it is a given considering the franchise and its genre, but that doesn't mean the way how it is played will always be a progression compared to previous titles.

Also, there is still plenty time for its release. That's why even a video/demo like this doesn't mean jack considering a game development can lead to balance change for the better or for the worse (I honestly think that stuff like grappling hook is not a good idea unless it is scripted to specific situations).
I don't expect MH developpers to go on "casualization" process for MH, but considering how the changes are quite drastic (more than Dos => Tri => 3rd portable) while they aren't exactly explicit with the "new generation direction" thing, I'm rather cautious.

I'd rather wait for a real demo just prior release instead of just information because that kind of game require actual gameplay (and not simply video) to have an idea if it will feel good or not (like how X/Gen series is extremely polarizing). Likewise, I'm still waiting for actual art direction and style display/samples for some stuff and mobs (I still have hard time to imagine how Airu/Felyne will be implemented considering the direction of MHW, even though they confirmed their presence for this title).

And before anyone try to pull a strawman argument or anything: I don't have a Switch but I have a PS4. So the plateform choice is completely irrelevant to me. And yet, even with extra graphics and QoL changes, I'm not sold yet. Far from it.

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