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Originally Posted by Chosen_Hero View Post
Streamlining certain things in this series would go a long way and even make it that much better, especially considering how obtuse many of the mechanics (that are still stuck in the past) tend to be.
Streamlining can always alienate some people. I mean believe it or not some people think bloodborne is bad because it is so simplified compared to souls. I disagree, but thast is their opinion.
For example i wasn't a big fan of generations, but it wasn't a mainline game , or was it?

Originally Posted by Chosen_Hero
Besides, hasn't Monster Hunters combat in some ways always been a dps battle against giant monsters that you hunt down while employing team tactics? Hasn't it always been mostly an online experience? It's not like Monster Hunter is know for having an epic storyline or anything.
But ehhhh, what is going on? Have we been playing the same game series the last 12-13 year? Not being rude, maybe try to be less agressive with your replies?
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