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Originally Posted by Chosen_Hero View Post
Good thing you can play with friends then
The whole point wasn't the fact you cannot play with your friends. Rather, having streamlined features can encourage people playing more poorly than usual. Ever since Tri, there are countless of public lobby because people can't always play with friends or don't have friends who are interested in MH. And that's the point: hunting with strangers is another part of the MH experience. However, if the game becomes too lenient for a certain type of players (aka morons, not even casuals), this will discourage normal/veterans players to host public rooms (which actually happened early in MH4 when jp hosts had to kick on sight anyone below a certain rank because there were way too many Yuuta players for a while)

So no, "just play with your friends" is not relevant at all, moreso if said friends are busy or unfortunately playing on XBOX or PC because they confirmed there won't be any cross platform multiplayer.
Not everyone (even fans themselves) wants to wrestle with the controls and or overly long animations (which to some can be a hinderance) at times when playing a game. That doesn't always translate to having skills in playing the game, sometimes it can feel a bit unfair (I say this as a fan of both MH and the souls series which lock you into animations that at times can end up accidentally costing you your progress).
It isn't even about the controls, but the actual "feel" of the game.
The reason why you don't have dodge like in GE is exactly because MH always had the philosophy of having humans relatively well built that confronts massive monsters that could potentially mow them down.

I'm not saying they have to keep every frame consumming animation, but the drinking animation was obviously there to prevent players from abusing potions instead of actually avoiding taking damage. That's why it is very important to know if they did something to make up for this change. Frankly, it is quite obvious how that single change has an impact on the game for casual players, but it is less obvious to figure out how they actually tweaked the AI of the monsters to prevent pot chugging abuse.
Yet without some basic information all you will keep doing is raising question that can be easily answered if you just look it up. For example: let's say you are worrying that not all weapons will be in the game, how will you know that

If you keep disregarding even the most basic bit of information because "You just have to play it to understand it"?

I understand that some might be worried that "it plays different", but why the hell would they completely overhaul the gameplay that they know that fans like in this series? It is literally one of the core principles as to why people love the series, it would be completely retarded for them to compketely change it. But that doesn't mean that there is no room for improvement and they (as the people that make the game and have been doing so all along) know.

All you are doing is assuming and turning a blind eye when information is being given to you out of fear of change. Not all change is bad and improving an already great series isn't either.

If a series tries to improve it's sacrilege, but when it doesn't it's not trying hard enough... just be open to new things, you might be surprised and if they end up sucking, then just don't support the game, if your worries are the same as the rest of the community then having the game flop will send a strong message to Capcom about the changes made.
Could you please not take me as a moron? I believe my post was thoughtful about the possible issues, yet you imply I didn't bother checking info, even though I did.
The fact all weapons are there don't change anything: that's like assuming X is the same as 4 because "the weapons are still there!"

Again, information is not enough as there is a limit of what info you can get: Capcom will never disclose the invulnerability frame, the damage scaling and all the stuff. You need an actual demo to have an idea if the game stays similar to the previous game, or if it will be faster in term of hunt pacing because of animations and/or damage.
Exactly the same reason why some people like X/Gen while others believe it is an heresy (similar to what Sides has explained about Bloodborde / DarkSouls).

I find quite annoying you think I'm acting like a grumpy old fanboy even though I do like some changes in there.
If you at least read my post instead of pointing fingers as if I don't like any change in there, that would be better for an actual discussion. For now, I sincerely feel insulted with your baseless remarks.
What I explained thus far are the possible points that made me and certain veterans worried about some changes. Did I say this game is bad? No. Did I say the game "should not be changed"? Far from it. My general conclusion was "I don't like some parts, but others are ok. Still need actual demo to make a judgment". A bloody Wait & see attitude, and yet you state "You just turn a blind eye to everything"? I hope you realize you are literally changing the actual position I had with my initial post.

So for goodness sake, stop this passive aggressive attitude and the strawman argument. It is annoying and doesn't make your arguments any relevant to the points I've made.

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