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Speculation is wrong.
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Originally Posted by ValvraveTruth View Post
Episode 2 has revealed the most important part of the plot, simple(cliche) & straightforward but with solid story definately worth good ratings for now with no cutesy yuri stuffs in it. I can see why this has a total of 24 episodes, really can't wait how the plot leads to the final stage/boss.

Definately worth 7/10 for me at episode 2, this kind of story is much better than many anime there are.
Well, even though I kinda enjoyed it, I wouldn't called "solid" a story where the main girl just follows some random girl she barely knows because she "saw" something, instead of going to a teacher/superior to talk about it.
It is indeed cliché, but usually the characters are forced to tag along in some way. Yet she decided on her own to follow.

Sure, she may have thought "maybe there are more of them" but that doesn't seem to be imply at all. She just rescue her and run away for the sake of the plot. Now let's just wait for the other 4 of them to come together as a group but I'm not quite sure a plot twist would elevate the plot...
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