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Originally Posted by Jeffry2009 View Post
This show was absolutely getting on my freakin Nerv-es ever since that i've had same feelin like those previous Mai otome, IM@S xenoglossia & Mai otome prequel (which had a dissapointing ending) but now THIS!? What the hell was that all about? I mean Give me a break!! I mean I was gettin excited after EP17 but at the end I was like 'WHAT THE HELL'? I mean seriously guys....

Hesitated about the character Nami has gone through LIVING HELL at the end.

I felt Devastated & Hesitated about this show.

4 out of 10! Thanks a lot, SUNRISE.

Great, what are those other animes that i need them.....
Have you ever considered not watching these Hime style shows anymore or at the very least not investing so much intensity into watching them. They seem to get you extremely worked up and while I don't understand why myself since they do the exact opposite for me, it can't be enjoyable or fun. Maybe you ought to look for something else. Just a thought, because if a show or style is getting you this worked up it's probably not worth spending your time on it.

Anyway Nami has hardly gone through living hell in the end. Whatever happened with her she pretty much was largely the harbinger of it herself, even if the temptation of her newfound power was what provoked her into it (which Kagura was to blame for and which she remedied), it was almost certainly always an aspect of her personality to be that vicious in her quest to make the people she felt ignored her suffer. She was a ticking time bomb. And the show still isn't about her anyway and I still don't understand why some people are trying to make her a pivotal aspect that makes or breaks the entire 26 episodes of the show. I mean I thought she was interesting and I liked her character and role, but not at the expense of ignoring the remaining cast of characters.

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