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Finished this series at last. Give it a 9/10
This series must be the kind of "too ridiculous that it's good" that people often mentioned.

The level of realism is just so much that...... well, it's good xD
Everyone did so many non-sense/unnecessary things.. So many characters were built up but don't have a specific roles. Others just appeared out of thin air (with little previous development) suddenly becomes so important. Then there is no one completely good, or completely evil (except those who support the world destruction)

Haha, everyone spent so many years opposing to Nerval when he's no where near the big bad guy. He's nearly the hero of the anime when think about it. I likes how Kagura disappeared for like 50 years and come back (She is a cool character so i approve it). Seeing Honoka all clingy to her is also so adorable xD
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