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Originally Posted by 4Tran View Post
I've finished watching Sora Kake Girl, and I have to admit that I was more generous in my original assessment than I should have been. The low point in the show has to be Imo's death and the way the creators milked it for a couple of episodes. I find that kind of manipulation to be utterly atmosphere-killing if not downright insulting.

The story is a mess; and I never got the feeling that the creators ever had a good handle on what they were doing. It really does feel as if they learned precisely the wrong lessons from their work on My~Hime. I'm rewatching that show right now, and the contrast is rather remarkable.

As for the characters, I really wanted to like Itsuki, but the only characters I cared much for were Xanthippe, Tsutsuji and Nami. I rather liked Xanthippe and Tsutsuji's antics around the middle of the show, but they weren't so interesting by the 20-odd episode mark. By the end, the only character I liked was Nami and her sheer insanity.

I'm not aware of trying to convince you of anything. I'm merely pointing out that people can legitimately weigh different show elements differently and can come to completely different conclusions than you do. While it'd be nice if you can learn to emphasize with that, I hardly expect that to happen. However, I'm going to ask that you take the concept of different tastes into account before you whine about somebody "nitpicking" over particular story points. If you want to reply to this, please take it to PMs.

While I'm a bit surprised that they thought that the Inazuma Kick was important enough to put it right at the end, I had been expecting it to show up even before the baseball episode.

While there is certainly entertainment value derive from parody, it's not to the show's credit that it relies on it so much.
You're taking the show way to seriously again.....

I mean if I approached this show in the same manner you did I would have almost certainly arrived at the same conclusion, but luckily I know what they were actually going for, and it wasn't a deep and involving work with memorable characters or whatever it is you wanted it to be. Anyway maybe there are more lessons to be learned in this experience then one might think. Maybe these shows just aren't for you.
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