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Well, I'm sorry Kaioshin-Sama, despite that I didn't take the show seriously at all, I was also disappointed in it (I might add that I'm not very fond of the mechashows, but there wasn't so much of that here anyway)
The whole series could have been much much more better, and not just story-wise. Fair enough as C.A. said, I would have probably enjoyed it more, if I were to know the obscure references and such. However I couldn't really "immerse" myself into most of the characters (thus I ended up not really caring about them and even disliking some), + some of the plottwists really made me facepalm, and I really felt the episodes were a bit disproportioned especially in the later parts.
If those parts would have been better balanced, and the conclusion of the story don't leave so many loose ends (I really despise loose ends), then I could consider the show as "good". However as it is now, I voted it as 6/10 and I really contemplated to vote it as a 5. No offense intended, and I don't really want to argue, it's just my opinion .
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