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I semi-followed this as the list was coming out, tuning into the radio in the hours they were releasing it when I got the opportunity. As a massive Radiohead fan, I was getting a little worried when they got to about 30 and still hadn't played any Radiohead songs, but I still made the call to my skeptical friend that there'd be a slew of Radiohead songs in the top 30. Fortunately I was right. I thought "Paranoid Android" might go at #2, but #5 is still pretty good.

I called "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for #1. IIRC, it got #1 in the countdown ten years ago, and I don't think there's been quite an iconic alternative song since.

There's been a bit of controversy about the list in the Australian media because there are no female artists on it. There's a couple of female guest vocalists, I think, but none of the bands have "permanent" female members, and there are no female solo artists, like Bjork, who was seen as a possibility.

@Bolton: Prince isn't really popular among Triple J's demographic. In fact, there were some who were a little surprised of Michael Jackson's prominence on the list, suggesting that the fact that the voting coincided with his death helped his performance on the list. Although "Thriller" and "Billy Jean" probably do deserve to be there, IMO.
Since you're a Radiohead fan as well, you're automatically great.

But yeah, I do believe the reason Jacko's stuff got as high as it did was because he died. The man is a fantastic musician, but Triple J is more rock/punk/alternative then pop.

Originally Posted by Kazu
How exactly are Queen and Zeppelin overated,i'd like to know,i'm not ragingly mad but confused,I do agree on some of your points though how crappy bands like blink 182 or green day are getting on these kind of list.I also how "smells like teen spirit" made no.1 there so many better songs out there
Led Zeppelin annoy me with how annoying some of their tracks (Stairway To Heaven etc.) are praised so much, when to me it's boring and pretentious. Queen have some good tracks, but it's the critically acclaimed stuff like Bohemian Rhapsody (I'd put it in the Worst Songs Ever bar the guitar solo) that gets me. I respect fans, but just don't like the bands. I would never attack anyone for liking something I don't like.

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