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I've seen too many series become a complete junk due to walking off the extremly convenient way of "concentrating on sports" and negating all other aspects of it that were actually all that was good in it. Eyeshield 21, Initial D, Hajime no Ippo - all these had went down the drain due to this grave error.
Never, ever, should "sport" become the main attraction, it should only be a tool to support character development and a setting for plot advancement.
Your expectation of a sports anime seems like sports should be as minimal in a sports anime. A sports-based anime would definitely be based around sports and spends some time concentrating on the sport itself. It should be a main attraction. Just like a romance anime would be based around romance and concentrates itself around the romance aspect of it and a combat anime would have combat as a main attraction.

Now, I'm not saying that character and story development is not important. It still is. Very much so. Sports alone can only take it so far. Hence, I use the term, "a main attraction", and not "the main attraction". Character and story development makes it a more rounded product. However, it should not be the be-all-and-end-all while relegating sport to the fringes as a support like you think it should be.

What a really good sports anime does is, while having a strong sports focus, folds in huge doses of character and story development into the show seamlessly. The sports element should not just be a support for character and story development but both, the sports element and the character and story development, should be synergistic complements to each other. Neither should dominate but they should weave together to present a comprehensive show.

Eyeshield 21 went way off the wall as it became extremely caricatured the more it went on. Inital D went catering heavily towards the street racing culture at the expense of everything else as it went on. Both ended up focusing on what was the drawing point of the respective shows. In their own way, they are successful shows but not necessarily good ones - that I'm all too willing to concede.

Hajime no Ippo did a far better job in holding itself together towards the end with Ippo's continuing development as a boxer while keeping the action quotient in the boxing matches high. It did do a good job of weaving everything, i.e. the sport, the character development, story development, in seamlessly.
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