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Spoiler for size:
What do you mean that my little loli goddess is corrupting Shiori by getting her to read books with perverted characters?

It is not the loli goddess! It is an imposter! Kill with fire! Shiori will never own such books and the goddess will never read books like that!

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And a certain someone told me that I am a lolicon .

From the look of it, she's kind of a timid/shy girl. I wonder just how much timid she actually is. If she's on Shiori's level, then it will be hard for this pair to win their path to capture a god among the goddess sisters (but everyone knows such path is impossible for everyone anyway ).
It takes one to know another. Shiori, being the capture template for the little loli goddess, should make things a whole lot easier. Though it might backfire by making Keima's life more difficult as both the goddess and Shiori decide to use Keima's date with Mars/Yui as a template for subsequent serials of their love story, naming it Oten-onna to otoko-no-ko (Tomboy and the girlish boy). And Shiori's booth at Mai High Festival becomes a fujoshi magnet of the neighbourhood.

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Excuses excuses
I am not a lolicon! And I don't support fujoshis (except for my other two waifus).

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Oh Shiori, she really wants to destroy the universe.

"She is to become a Goddess, the destroyer of cross-dressing perverts!"

The way she mulls around over originality (lol, Wagahai wa Neko de Aru reference), tears apart countless failed beginnings, and experience deadline highs hit close to home to this dear reader. She's so, so, so cuuuuuutee.
No wonder I find the reference so familiar, yet I can't remember anything. My otaku powers are dwindling.

And that is the real loli goddess! Destroyer of yaoi! Gogogo!

Excellent. Now it's my turn to rescue the little princess from your evil grasp! Fear me my mushroom powers, you kidnapper-of-lolis and secret-lover-of-BLs!

She's mine, hands off
I don't kidnap lolis, I take care of them. I don't like BL, my Korean twin-sister does (though I have no idea how she has an interest in such disgusting amoral material).

And you pervert, don't hide your fire truck as a mushroom. I can see through your ploy!

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Sure sure.

Making her think the words 'Messenger of Hell' is still less direct then making her read those books though. Though 'encourage' is probably better word then make.
Considering that Minerva is the Roman version of the Hellenic Pallas Athena, I couldn't help thinking that Shiori's robotic and unemotional nature is a reference to Aigis from Persona 3.

And to think that Keima has a female form (Keiko), the ojou Mars/Yui wields a rapier, Tsukiyo's is named after moon (and one of Jupiter's moon is named Io) would this mean that :

Spoiler for Off-chart speculation:

When three puppygirls named after pastries are on top of each other, it is called Eclair a'la menthe et Biscotti aux fraises avec beaucoup de Ricotta sur le dessus.
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