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@ Rain - Squall's father? Sorry, I don't think a guy would be stupid enough to make a team of militant man haters and not expect that to backfire on him. The leader of PT here is Squall, no one else holds the title.

Also, PT are borderline female supremacists in the fic. Why do you think they placed Irish at the camp despite his mother working for them? They believe that the IS makes them eligible to rule the world and those that can't pilot them can't be accepted. Most of their operatives are people PT saved from their horrible lives and most of them were because of men, so I doubt they'd train a male assassin. Basically, think of how Jigsaw makes his apprentices.

The assassin could be his older sister, that would make sense for PT to raise her up. It won't be that hard to frame Kyuukai since all they'd need is a blood sample and the closest match they'd fins would be Kyuukai since her record isn't on any database.

@ Zero - Do you know what a Tracheotomy is?

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