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Originally Posted by SladeX
Currently playing KH2...

New lead character, plays the same as old KH so far, can ride skateboard, if played final mix or CoM you know who unknown are and they are messing around with the new lead. New lead seems to be tapping into Sora's memories in his dreams. Unknowns are making some kind of progress on a machine experiment with Sora at the center... am on Day 3, unknown's progress at 28% and our day 2's train ride was wrecked by unknown stealing our money ahhhhhhh back to game addicted hahahah

Day 1 tutorial, target, talking, fighting.

Day 2 had to work for cash, deliver mail on skateboard, move garbage, do tricks with a ball (think hitting the mushroom guys only easier). Train ride...

Day 3 still playing...
Interesting, I'm assuming your playing the Japanese version right? I thought it was out tommorow.
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