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Originally Posted by hero147 View Post
SEED had a very generous budget. I remember reading about how Fukuda was responsible for the revival of the dying gundam franchise at the time, which is why they poured a lot of money into production. Unfortunately, money is always finite and Fukuda spent quite a bit getting the copyrights of the music played during the series, leaving no room for other things...

I don't remember reading this in an article. It might have been in the Gundam Age General Discussion forums since they were chatting about Gundam Age's recent low ratings. But it would explain SEED's great music and recycled animation.

If this were the case, I wish they would have shelled out more money to make Gundam Seed better since it is one of my favourite animes of all time.
gd and gsd is also one of my all time top anime. but man they should have spend a bit of that money on better writers (gsd)
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