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Originally Posted by Cynor View Post
Thanks for the suggestions and I'll take a closer look at some of them. From just a quick glance though I'm wondering if I'm just not really sure if what I said is what I'm really looking for heh. Like I'm really not wanting any romance elements, and quite a few of those have those (or are tagged that when I look them up).
Well I can only speak for myself but that's a coincidence, I really wasn't thinking about romance

If I had to rate it from most to least I'd go:

-Kobato: plays a big part though the main story isn't all about romance.
-Cross Game: plays a big part but there's more to the story than just romance and the anime is never "in your face" with it (there's no cliché confession scene or anything like that)
-Summer Wars: There's a romance subplot but it's really just that,a subplot
-Chihayafuru:Well there is a love triangle and there's definitely shippers but the main character has no interest in romance so far so it's gone nowhere in 30 episodes.
-Tari Tari: a very very tiny romance subplot,blink and you'll miss it.

I'll add in Sora no Woto, no romance in that one, it does take more than half the show to get the plot going and for the "big bad" to show up and there's some downer moments here and there but ultimatly it is a feel good anime I think.
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