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Fight Club Mako is BACK, Ryuuko gets to dual-wield the Scissor Blades, and Ryuuko tried to call Satsuki onee-chan. Highlights of the episode right there.

Seriously, though. There were too many great heartwarming moments between the characters. All that talk of incomprehensibility made this so great.

COVERS now reminds me way too much of Quat Nevas from Psyren. An alien who devours planets as an energy source and moves on to the next one.

And the Original Life Fiber is playing the role of Sankt Kaiser's Cradle.

Dem parallels. Still a 10/10 episode, though.

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The only way this could have been more perfect would have been giving Satsuki a smug grin and a nosebleed.
Ditto to that.
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