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Originally Posted by LKK View Post
Besides, how much time would it take to create an SOTM post with the phrase FINAL ENTRY and this current picture? Not much, I'd think.

If you feel like you have time to play with the pic, the one change I would recommend would be to tone down the white highlights. I wouldn't eliminate them, just reduce their intensity. They're a little too overwhelming for the picture as whole at their current level.
It's not so much the actual posting part per se, it's whether I feel the sig is worthy enough to be entered at all. I don't want to do what I did last time, and that was to throw something quick (and crappy) together and call it an entry.

You mean the white aura around the girls? Okay, I'll do that when I get the time later. It's sometimes hard to judge things on my monitor because everything is so much smaller. ):

EDIT: Okay, so I decided to enter this sig for this month's SOTM anyway. Made the suggested change.

SOTM Nov 09 - Versus theme
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