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Originally Posted by MeoTwister5 View Post
Episode 21

I'm still convinced that Ami KNEW someone, at least Taiga anyway, was inside that closet. She noticed the towel on the floor and probably knew that was the one Taiga used.
I don't think I noticed that the first time I watched it but I think you're right. They focused on that towel like several times whilst Ami was talking. I think Ami knew too. I think another hint tht Ami knew they were there was when Ami apolagized to Ryuuji afterwards trying to explain to him why she had a fight with Minori. It's as if she felt embarressed that he saw the whole thing.

Episode 21.

Heh, I hadn't even considered that Noto liked Maya but the signs were clearly there. You can clearly see that almost every line has a double meaning to it now.

Takasu realising he just can't get with Minori was kinda sad but inevitable. And it's good to see how perceptive he is aswell.

Watching Ami argue with Minori was just gripping. It's great to have a character like Ami that can so brilliantly take down a character like that.

But then watching tensions just explode like that between Minori and they were really on thin ice and it only took a small nudge set it all off. But maybe just seeing Minori seriously angry like that was shocking in itself.

Ryuuji: "I'll never let go of you when I catch you this time!" - I WONDER WHAT THAT MEANS?!?!

And then it happens. That draw dropping confession. No words can describe how utterly perfect that was...
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