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Originally Posted by RapidPotential View Post
Even as the imouto, she has an uncanny knack for finding his darkest secrets. Must be a pretty formidable stalker. Then again, which imouto encourages and even helps her brother get girls? Heh.
and an imouto thats into him... in a subtle way.

say... is Kurumi into the guy? (sorry but I've been gone here for long and I don't know but I believe she's into him albeit in a yandere manner)

also, what would happen if a new AND normal girl you can say a real beauty + brains + kindness is into Shidou but shy? pretty sure:

Tohka - raeg, do not want, draw big sword
Kotori - I dunno... if girl is younger than him AND can fill the role of lil sis perfectly, then I'd like to see her rage
the twins - are they still VERY assertive for him after V5?
Origami - kuudere lvl UP due to new rival
Yoshino - not sure... but the puppet will be all do not want in it whether it be younger OR an onee-san
Kurumi - I dunno WHAT exactly will happen...
lets roll
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