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Episode 5 - Gif Set

The first bunch from episode 5. Actually, I think I have something more from it. For sure there is the School Tremble featuring Rin and Emiya (see image thread for reference). I have to figure out how to make working avatars from that gif/those sequences.

Saber (8)

Sakura (1)

Rin (1)

Rider (4)

First Rider avatars ^^ , although actually, I found just a scene to be suitable.

@Maids! Maids! Maids!: Two scene of Saber eating, the second honestly was tough.. I did the best I could..

@KiNa: You have a riding imagination as well , I guess you could be right (about my avatar), I haven't room for her casting the spell, so I went with a "mental spell"
Your new signature looks much better! Finally a clean image of Rider, I'm gonna give you higher rates with this .. and by the way, you still haven't rated neither my avatar nor my sign!

@Wolfslord: I see you're interested in Berserker, I think there was material for making an avatar of it, from episode 4. Would you be interested in a Berserker avatar, eventually?
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